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8-Plait: The Perfect Anchor Line

Learn why 8-Plait works so well in mechanical windlasses.

New England Ropes products are woven from the finest fiber, constructed using a world-class manufacturing process, and are innovatively designed and engineered to meet customer needs and to surpass expectations. It’s no wonder that New England Ropes’ Premium Nylon 8-Plait is the obvious choice for many boaters when considering an anchor line. Not only does it feature supple and easy to handle nylon strands, it also provides firmness and abrasion resistance when performing in a mechanical windlass. 8-Plait was specifically engineered to make boating a breeze by being compatible with common windlass models. This line empowers boat owners and captains to feel safe and comfortable in any conditions.

You guessed it! 8-Plait contains eight braided strands that are then woven together to create the final product. This set up allows the rope to be extremely relaxed, a feature which also aids in its ability to nicely flake and take up very little space in any size anchor box. While the nature of this rope is soft and flexible, under load it will firm up and provide a tensile strength that surpasses that of its counterpart, 3-Strand. The benefits of 8-Plait do not stop there! This rope has a unique design that makes it easy to splice to a chain. 8-Plait possesses high energy absorption characteristics, which will help to protect your boat, even in the toughest conditions. The construction of this single braid rope is the ideal set up for eliminating hockling and kinking during your boating experiences.

Make your life on the water simpler by choosing 8-Plait. It won’t twist, knot up, and is gentle on the windlass. 8-Plait will remain soft over the course of its lifespan, rather than mimicking the stiffness that you would likely see with aging 3-Strand. This line allows boaters to carry much more rode and you will notice that it is significantly better at grabbing on a windlass.

Regardless of your boating style, New England Ropes’ tried and tested products consistently deliver on superior feel, handling, and performance. Driven by excellence and innovation, these products continue to perform on the water, winning the trust of competitive sailors and pleasure cruisers alike.

Choose simplicity when it comes to anchoring. You will save on time and hassle when you switch your line to 8-Plait!