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COVID-19 - Rope production up and running


Dear Valued Customer,

The current situation regarding COVID-19 influences all aspects of our daily lives and our business activities.

Teufelberger has taken precautions to avoid unnecessary risk of infection for our employees. 

However, we also took measures in order maintain continuous supply and support for our business partners and customers.

Our production remains up and running, fiber and raw material supplies are secured, and all administrative processes will be executed as usual, some from home office locations.

Our employees have stopped travelling and personal attendance in the offices has been reduced to an absolute minimum in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We therefore apologize if some of the operations might take a bit longer than usual.

In any case we are and will continue to be able to supply you with your ordered ropes. This will assure your business a smooth restart once we have overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

Availability of transportation and logistics services remains a major question mark – we therefore would advise you to not delay orders to secure shipping before the foreseeable shortage of shipping capacity after the peak of the crisis.

We will continue to monitor and update you, our valued customer, and we will do our best to serve you as we always have.  

Please stay safe!



Chris Lavin

President, Teufelberger Fiber Rope