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Dinghy Tow Rope

Dinghy Tow Rope

Anchoring and docking lines

The bright yellow highly visible cover from our Dinghy Tow Rope floats to reduce change of prop entanglement.



  • Material: double braid high-grade marine nylon
  • Applications: dinghy tow rope or dinghy painter


Color variation

Dinghy Tow Rope Yellow with Blue Fleck
yellow with blue fleck
Dinghy Tow Rope Yellow with Red Fleck
yellow with red fleck

Dinghy Tow Rope is a durable, brightly colored and spliceable tow line that floats on the surface of the water for improved visibility. This double braided rope of nylon over polypropylene is torque free and non hockling. Dinghy Tow Rope retains its strength when wet or dry.


Applications for the Dinghy Tow Rope are:

  • Dinghy tow rope
  • Dinghy painter


Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C238*-12-00600 10 3/8 3.60 2,900
C238*-14-00600 11 7/16 5.30 5,050

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