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Finish Line

Finish Line

Strongest Pre-Stretch Line on the Market

Perfect all around polyester pre-stretch line for all of your dinghy and small boat sailing needs.



  • Cover: Polyester
  • Core: Polyester


Color variation

Finish Line White with Tracer
white with tracer
Finish Line Red with Tracer
red with tracer
Finish Line Blue with Tracer
blue with tracer
Finish Line Grey with Tracer
grey with tracer

Finish Line is made from high tenacity tension set polyester with an 8-strand “nubby” cover and continuous filament core.

Applications of our Finish Line:

  • dinghy outhauls
  • vang systems
  • cunninghams
  • hiking strap lines
  • centerboard lines
  • topping lifts
  • halyards


This rope is the perfect all-purpose control line for 420s, V-15s, FJs, JY15s, Flying Scots, Laser IIs, and Hobies.


Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C368*-03-00600 3 1/8 0.60 500
C368*-04-00300 4 5/32 0.80 920
C368*-05-00300 5 3/16 1.30 1,550
C368*-06-00300 6 1/4 1.70 2,000

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