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Poly Tec

Poly Tec

Grand prix racing rope

An ideal balance of Technora® fiber and polyester and engineered to the demanding standards of riggers worldwide.



  • Cover: 24 Carrier Poly Tec
    • Also available in cover only.
  • Core: Dyneema®
  • Applications: runner tails, mainsheets, genoa sheets, and spinnaker sheets
  • Larger sizes available.

Color variation

Poly Tec Black-Blue
Poly Tec Black-Green
Poly Tec Black-Orange
Poly Tec Black-Red
Poly Tec Black-Yellow

Our Poly Tec offers excellent abrasion and heat dissipation with excellent cut resistance and a level of grip that other high tech fibers don’t offer. Poly Tec is ready to be used with a variety of cores including our Endura-12 or V-12.

Our Poly Tec can be used as:

  • runner tails
  • mainsheets
  • genoa sheets
  • spinnaker sheets
Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C298*-07-00600 7 9/32 2.23 4,850
C298*-08-00600 8 5/16 4.40 8,840
C298*-10-00600 10 3/8 5.40 13,100
C298*-12-00600 12 1/2 6.83 21,700
C298*-06-00600 6 1/4 1.77 4,270

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