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Cyclone Mooring Pendants

Cyclone Mooring Pendants

The ultimate in mooring pendants

The Cyclone Mooring Pendant is used in conjunction with a traditional mooring pendant making it the ultimate in storm pendants.



  • Material: 12-Strand Dyneema® with Cordura® Shafe Sleeve
  • Color: Blue


The ultimate in mooring pendants, made from out Endura 12 rope, Cyclone Mooring Pendants are comprised of Dyneema® fiber which has extremely high tensile strength and ultra low elongation. The Cyclone Mooring Pendant floats, has an excellent strength-to-size ratio, excellent wet/dry retention, is easily spliced, and has a marine-tech coating which improves abrasion resistance.

Our Cyclone Mooring Pendant is ideal for boats from runabouts to mega yachts.

Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
12 1/2 5.90 34,300
16 5/8 9.10 58,000
18 3/4 13.20 69,000
22 7/6 18.30 97,500
24 1 20.40 115,900

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