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Endura Braid

Endura Braid

Perfect line for competitive sailor

Endura Braid delivers optimal performance, strength and durability for the competitive sailor. It features a specially engineered 12-strand Dyneema® core, with marine-tech coating and a 24 carrier braided polyester cover.



  • Cover: Polyester
  • Core: Dyneema® SK78
  • Applications: All running rigging requiring a durable, low stretch, lightweight line, such as sheets, halyards, guys, topping lifts, reef lines, or low-stretch control lines.

Color variation

Endura Braid Solid Blue
solid blue
Endura Braid Black
solid black
Endura Braid Solid White
solid white
Endura Braid Solid Red
solid red
Endura Braid Solid Green
solid green
Endura Braid Red Fleck
red fleck
Endura Braid Blue Fleck
blue fleck
Endura Braid Green Fleck
green fleck
Endura Braid Black
Endura Braid White
Endura Braid Grey

Size for size, Endura Braid outperforms any other HMPE line! Benefits include a very high strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, low creep and outstanding durability. Its coated braided core is ideal for tapered sheets and halyards.


Applications: all running rigging requiring a durable low stretch, lightweight line, such as sheets, halyards, guys, topping lifts, reef lines and low-stretch control lines.

Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
5 3/16 1.10 3,100
6 1/4 1.80 4,500
8 5/16 3.00 8,100
10 3/8 3.80 10,200
11 7/16 5.40 14,900
12 1/2 6.60 21,500
14 9/16 8.60 25,200
16 5/8 11.80 29,000
18 3/4 15.80 40,000
22 7/8 20.90 53,900
24 1 27.10 70,000
25 1.125 34.40 96,000

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