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Flight Line

Flight Line

Lightweight line

A lightweight line perfect for light air spinnaker sheets, as well as mainsheets and control lines in smaller boats.



  • Cover: XLF
  • Core: Dyneema®

Color variation

Flight Line Blue with Tracer
blue with tracer
Flight Line Green with Tracer
green with tracer
Flight Line Red with Tracer
red with tracer
Flight Line Yellow with Tracer
yellow with tracer

Flight Line is a strong, lightweight, flexible, low-stretch line with a braided core that is easily tapered. It's soft on the hands and gets even softer with use.


Flight Line will certainly take-off with its lightweight, non-absorbent xlf cover and its 100% braided Dyneema® core. Flight Line is used as a light air spinnaker sheet, mainsheet, control lines and topping lifts.


Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C234*-06-00600 6 1/4 1.40 2,500
C234*-08-00600 8 5/16 2.20 4,000
C234*-09-00600 9.5 3/8 3.20 4,700

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