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Salsa Line

Salsa Line

Excellent mainsheet

Salsa Line from New England Ropes is an excellent main sheet for one design keelboats and large dinghies.



  • Material: Dyneema® and spun filament polyester
  • 12 Strand Single Braid
  • Great handling

Color variation

Salsa Line Salsa Red
salsa red
Salsa Line Red-White-Blue
Salsa Line Green
Salsa Line Steel Grey
steel grey

Salsa Line is ultra-strong, and soft. Your hands will love this soft and exceptionally strong single braid constructed of Dyneema® and spun filament polyester. It's very easy to splice.

Perfect for boats that require high tensile, such as J24s, Sonars, Finns, and larger performance boats. mainsheets, genoa sheets, and traveler line.

Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C168*-06-00600 6 1/4 1.80 2,850
C168*-08-00600 8 5/16 2.90 4,000
C168*-09-00600 9.5 3/8 3.50 5,000

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