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3-Strand Rope to Chain Splice

Figure 1

Step #1: Measure from the end of the rope 18 crowns or twists and place a wrap of twine around the rope at that point and tie tightly with a double overhand knot. Unlay the rope back to the twine. Tape the end of each strand and label I, II, III. (Fig. 1)

Figure 2

Step #2: Line up the rope to the last link of the chain so that the II strand is in the middle and the I and III are on either end. Take the II strand and pass it through one side of the chain link. Strands I and III are to pass through the chain link from the opposite side, staying on the outside of strand II. (Fig. 2)

Figure 3

Step #3: Prior to beginning tucks, insert a small rod (3/16” diameter or equivalent) between the throat of the splice and the chain link to act as a temporary spacer. (Fig. 3)

Figure 4

Step #4: Perform 2 tucks with all three strands, after the 2nd tuck, thin the three strands by 1/3 the number of yarns. (Fig. 4)

Figure 5

Step #5: Trim excess yarns off strands, using a hot knife, and leave a stub slightly longer than the diameter of a strand. Tuck all the strands 2 more times and thin by 1/3 again, using same procedure as before. (Fig. 5) Perform 2 final tucks with all three strands, then trim excess off strands leaving a stub approximately a strand diameter in length. Remove spacer.


  • The stub will be drawn into the rope once it is loaded up. It can be trimmed fruther after is has been loaded.
  • This method of joining is designed to minimize chafe between rope and chain, but as a matter of prudent seamanship, it should be checked regularly and remade if there is any evidence of wear.