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Double Braid Splice

Figure 1

Step # 1: From end of rope measure back one full fid length (see Fid Measurement Chart) and make Mark “A”. Using Mark “A” as a reference, form the desired size eye and make Mark “B” on the rope directly opposite Mark “A”. From Mark “A” count eight consecutive left or right strands toward the end of the rope and make a Mark “C”. From Mark “B” measure one long fid section down the body of the rope and make mark “D.” Measure approximately 5 full fid lengths from “D” and tie a slip knot in the rope. From Mark “C” count five consecutive left or right strands toward the end of the rope and mark the 5th left and right strand pair. From this point count another four consecutive strands and mark the 4th strand pair. Continue counting and marking in this 5:4 sequence to the end of the rope. (Fig. 1)

Figure 2

Step # 2: Bend the rope sharply at Mark“B” and spread the cover strands to expose the core. Pry the core braid out from the cover. Use care to avoid pulling any of the cover strands. Pull the end of the core braid completely out of the cover. Tightly tape the end of both the cover and core braids. Holding the exposed core, slide the cover braid back to the knot. Then hold the knot and slide the slack cover back down the core in the direction of the end of the rope until all of the slack has been removed. Mark the core at the point where it exits from the cover. This is Mark “1”. (Fig. 2)

Figure 3

Step #3: Once again slide the cover toward the knot. Measure on short fid length (see “Fid Measurement Chart”) from Mark “1”, toward the Knot and make two marks that go completely around the core. This is Mark “2”. From Mark “2” measure one full fid length plus a short fid length toward the knot and make three marks completely around the core. This is Mark “3”. (Fig. 3)

Note: If using a captive thimble or shackle, insert it per the special tips section.

Figure 4

Step # 4: Taper core tail and attach fid. Insert the fid into the cover at Mark “C” and out at Mark “D”. Pull core tail through at Mark “D” until marks “2” and “C” almost align. (Fig. 4)

Step #5: Cut and remove the marked strand pairs on the cover tail, then retape the end. Attach the fid to the cover tail and tape as needed. Insert the fid into the hollow core at Mark “2” and out at Mark “3”. (When exiting or entering the braid with the fid always go between strands). (Fig. 5) Remove the fid and tape. Notice the loop at mark “C” after running the cover through the core, to remove this loop simply pull on the core exiting mark “D” until the loop disappears.

Figure 5

Step #6: The crossover is the point where Mark “C” on the cover and Mark “2” on the core meet. To tighten, hold the rope at the crossover point and alternately pull on the free ends of the cover and core. Continue this process until the crossover is approximately the same diameter as the rope.

Step #7: To bury the cover tail, hold the rope at the crossover and smooth the core toward the cover tail, which will disappear.

Figure 6

Step #8: To bury the core tail, hold the crossover and smooth out the slack in the cover braid from the crossover down to Mark “D”. Repeat this process several times to remove all cover slack. Most of the core will disappear; however, some of the core tail will still remain at Mark “D” after this process. Mark the core tail where it exits from the cover at Mark “D”. (Fig. 6)

Figure 7

Then mark the core tail at Mark “B” by inserting the marking pen into the opening at Mark “B”. (Fig. 6) Pull out the core tail at Mark “D” until the mark made at “B” appears. (Fig. 7) Cut off the excess core tail at the first mark (the one near- est the end of the core) and unbraid the core tail back to the second mark. Fan out the strands. Cut the strands at a 45 degree angle starting at a point about halfway back from the end. (Fig. 7) Hold the rope at the crossover and smooth the cover braid from the crossover toward Mark “D”. The ex- posed core will disappear completely inside the cover.

Step #9: Secure the knot tied in the body of the rope to a solid anchorpoint. The slack in the cover braid between the knot and Mark “B” will be used to bury the exposed core, crossover and cover down to Mark “A” to produce the desired size eye. This is accomplished by holding the rope at the top of the eye and sliding the slack back from the knot towards the splice. Milk the cover from the crossover around the radius of the eye to the throat at “B” and pull that leg sharply with a spike to help seat the splice. Flex and/ or hammer the splice section to loosen the fibers. Seize or cross-stitch the eye to finish the splice.

Tips for splicing into a thimble or shackle

To splice into a thimble with ears, shackle, or similar item, simply follow the directions of the splicing instructions, using the thimble or shackle bale to determine the eye size. Extract the core and insert the core through the bale or around the shackle as illustrated. The eye splice is then completed in a normal fashion with one exception: before final bury, slide the thimble around to cover side of eye. For a thimble without ears: insert thimble into eye before final burying of splice.


  1. The rope may be extremely tight where the fid is traveling between Marks “C” and “D”. To create more space in this area, grasp the core as it exits the cover at point “B” and pull extra core out of the rope. This will cause the cover to “pucker” and give you some extra space.
  2. If the distance between “C” and “D” is longer than the length of the fid, hold the fid in place by squeezing it through the cover braid. Slide the cover slack back from the fid to Mark “C” to draw the core tail into the cover. Then continue working the fid through the cover to Mark “D”. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Avoid snagging the core with the tip of the fid when it is passing through the cover in the vicinity of Mark “B”. To check if the core has been snagged, pull on the exposed core where it exits from the cover at Mark “B”. If the core moves freely it is OK to proceed. If the core appears to be stuck, pull the Uni-Fid back until the core is no longer snagged and continue.
  4. In Step #9 if insufficient tension is placed on the rope while milking up the slack the crossover may tend to bunch up. If this happens, slide the cover slack back toward the knot until the crossover is the proper size. Then repeat the milking procedure.