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Mega Braid

Mega Braid

Suitable for vessels 40 ft and larger.

The Mega Braid form New England Rope combines great look, excellent handling, superb strength and controlled elongation.



  • Material: 12-Strand nylon
  • Applications: Anchor and dock lines for boats over 40’.


Color variation

Mega Braid White
Mega Braid Black
Mega Braid Navy

Mega Braid’s unique 12-strand, single braid construction offers a combination of good looks, superb handling, excellent strength and controlled elongation. It's flexible and is easy to coil or flake. Comes in 600’ spools or custom spliced.

Applications of our Mega Braid: Anchor and dock lines for boats over 40’.

Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
16 5/8 9.90 10,300
18 3/4 14.00 13,400
22 7/8 17.20 21,100
25 1 25.80 24,900
28 1.125 34.00 34,900
30 1.25 36.00 41,000
36 1.5 55.50 48,000

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