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Seize by whipping or stitching the splice to prevent the crossover from pulling out under the unbalanced load. To cross-stitch, mark off six to eight rope diameters from throat in one rope diameter increments (stitch length). Using same material as cover braid if available, or waxed whipping thread, start at bottom leaving at least eight inches of tail exposed for knotting and work toward the eye where you then cross- stitch working back toward starting point. Cut off thread leaving an eight inch length and double knot as close to rope as possible. Trim thread to a one inch length and bury remaining thread and knot into rope.

As a general rule of thumb, if you whip the rope, do so for a length a rope diameter and hold it in place with cross-stitching. use the same material as the cover braid if available, or waxed whipping thread.

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