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Tapered Premium 8 Plait to Chain

Figure 1

Step #1 

Beginning the Splice

First, lay out rope on a flat surface and count 12 Picks (crowns) from one end towards standing part of rope.  Place a wrap of twine around the rope at this point and tie tightly (a double overhand knot would suffice).

Figure 2

Step #2

Using the felt tip marker to mark the left rotating S-direction strands at the bitter end.

Figure 3

Step #3

Turn the rope over and mark the S-direction strands on the other side as well

Figure 4

Step #4

Just past the tied wrap of twine, mark the first full set of S-di-rection strands.  
Note: for these marks you may want to use Chalk so that it will brush off after the splice is completed  

Figure 5

Step #5

Turning the rope over to mark the S-direction strands on the other side as well.

Figure 6

Step #6

Stand Separation

Remove tape from end of rope. Unlay (untwist) the rope a short distance and tightly wrap tape around the end of each individ-ual strand. Continue unlaying the rope to wrap of twine.  Make sure not to mix or twist them, keeping the strand pairs together.