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Mega Plait to Chain

Figure 1

Step #1: Measure from the end of the rope one full fid length (or 21 times the diameter) and place a wrap of twine around the rope at this point and tie tightly (a double overhand knot would suffice).

Figure 2

Step #2: Tape each of the 6 strand pairs together, and un-lay strands back to the twine. Label strand pairs 1 through 6 as shown in photo. (Fig. 2)

Step #3: Setup strands 1, 2 and 3 on one side of the chain link with the remaining strands on the other side. Pass strands through the link from opposite sides in an alternating fashion. First pass strand 1 through the link in one direction, then pass strand 6 through the link in the opposite direction, then strand 2 in the same direction as strand 1 and strand 5 in the same direction as strand 6, and the same with strands 3 and 4.

Figure 3

Step #4: Perform Initial Strand Tuck.

  1. Prior to beginning tucks, insert small rod (3/16” diameter) between the throat of the splice and the chain link to act as a temporary spacer.
  2. Starting with strand pair #1, select a strand pair that turns to the right (or to the left) and tuck strand pair #1 under the selected strand pair. Make only one tuck.
  3. Now tuck strand pairs #2 and #3 in the same way – for strand pair #2, select the strand pair that turns in the opposite direction as the strand pair used for pair #1. (Fig. 3) Strand pair #3 is to be tucked under the strand pair that turns in the same direction as the #1 strand pair.
  4. Repeat process for strand pairs #4, #5 and #6. Tucktapered …

Figure 4

Step #4:
5. … Strand pairs #4 and #6 are to be tucked under strand pairs that turn in the same direction as the one used for the #2 strand pair. Strand pair #5 is to be tucked under a strand pair that turns in the same direction as the ones used for #1 and #3 strand pairs. Pull all strand pairs snug. (Fig. 4)

Step #5: The method for the next series of strand tucks is to go over a strand pair then under a strand pair. In this splice, when you go over a strand pair you need to follow the braid of the rope (as shown). Essentially you are doubling up the braid from two strands to four. Perform a total of 2 tucks with all of the strands.

Figure 5

Step# 6: Perform Taper.

  1. After the second full set of tucks, split the six strand pairs by half.
    Note: To avoid confusion as to which strands are to be tucked, you may want to tape the ends that are no longer in use to the end of the chain opposite the direction of the splice. (Fig. 5)
  2. Tuck all six (6) of the split strand pairs an additional tuck, following the method described in step 5.
  3. Next, tuck only four (4) of the strands one more time (2 “S” and 2 “Z”)

Figure 6

Step #6:
4. Finally, tuck two (2) strands one last time (1 “S” Twist and 1 “Z” Twist) (Fig. 6)
5. Remove the rod that was used as a spacer

Note: The direction of twist in a yarn or strand is called “S’ or “Z” twist.

Step #7: Finish the splice by using a hot knife and trimming strands to a length equal to the ropes diameter.

Note: The stubs will be drawn into the rope once it is loaded up and as such can be trimmed shorter after it has been loaded.