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Stretched WR2

Wire Rope Replacement

WR2 is a speicalty rope designed with a stretched Dyneema core and finished with an overbraid of Dyneema. 


  • Cover: Dyneema
  • Core: Dyneema

Crafted for the discerning sailor seeking the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, WR² is your go-to solution for replacing life lines and selected standing rigging across a variety of boats.

Unleash the power of innovation with WR², offering an extraordinary blend of extreme lightweight construction and unparalleled strength. Its 100% Dyneema double braid, featuring SK-78 fiber, guarantees optimal performance under the toughest maritime conditions.

Engineered for longevity, WR² boasts a proprietary urethane coating, ensuring exceptional resistance to UV degradation. With a service life far exceeding that of traditional wire, WR² is not only lighter and more flexible but also a testament to durability in the marine environment.

WR² defies limitations, providing an extremely low stretch and water absorption resistant product. Plus, its design allows for easy tapering and splicing, facilitating a hassle-free installation process.

Choose WR² and embrace the future of lightweight, durable, and highly versatile rigging technology.



  • life lines
  • backstays
  • wire rope replacement
  • ILCA/Laser traveler line
  • Trapeze adjuster line
  • Control line
Product Name Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
C2734-04-00600 4 5/32 0.93 4
C2734-05-00600 5 3/16 1.34 6
C2734-07-00600 7 9/32 1.82 8

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