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Hook & Moor

The Hook & Moor Boat Hook

The relationship saver


NEW SLIMMER DESIGN! The Hook & Moor® makes your sometimes stressful mooring tasks calm and safe. It fluidly passes one end of a mooring line through a ring or cleat allowing you to safely stay on-board, while securing your boat.



  • New design comes is two different sizes of hookheads with 5 models to choose from.
  • Telescopic 3.2 meters and Telescopic 2.5 meters.
  • Easy mooring system.
  • Stay on your boat.
  • No need for messenger lines,
  • No preparations, always ready for use.
Product Name Length [m]
7080217 1.8
7080218 2.5
7080219 3.2
7080223 4.2

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